Hughes Products Blinds has a number of accessories to make your hunt something to look forward to.





Full Door

Upgrade your hunting blind to a full door to give you the accessibility you're looking for!

Price - $50.00







Tinted Windows

Upgrade your hunting blind to tinted window (smoke color) to ensure you're covered from every angle!

Price - $4.00 per window





Upgrade your blind with our commercial grade rubber-backed carpet for improved comfort across the board!

Price - $20.00 for Intimidator & Enforcer Blind

Price - $40.00 for The Clubhouse & Lodge Blind 








Camo your blind to keep those deer guessing!

Price - $35.00 for the Intimidator & Enforcer Blind

Price - 55.00 for the Clubhouse & Lodge Blind

Upgrade Windows

Upgrade your blind with our new windows that open inward with a magnetic latch for the most convenient and quiet way to hunt.

Enforcer Blind (4) - $30.00 per window

Intimidator Blind (10) - $30.00 per window

Clubhouse Blind (6) - $30.00 per window

Lodge Blind (16) -  $30.00 per window