Our custom-designed towers are powder-coated steel with built-in nine-inch levelers on each leg/ladder. The tower has a foot plate on each leg that can be anchored with a metal stake. These additions will certainly protect your box blind from bad weather, and, more importantly, they will give you the height and improved visibility necessary to spot those elusive deer! 


We offer two stands that are custom-designed to fit our blinds:

  • The Enforcer and The Intimidator Blinds have a custom stnad that can be used as 5-feet or extended to 10-feet (ITEM# HP-67055)

  • The Clubhouse Blind and The Lodge Blinds has a custom stand that extends to 8-feet (ITEM# HP-67058)


     -  5 ft./ 10 ft. convertible tower for the Intimidator or The Enforcer blinds: $375

     -  5 ft./ 8 ft. convertible tower for the Clubhouse Blind or the the Lodge blinds:  $475


***free shipping on towers if purchased with a blind***

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