Russ Schauer


"A perfect hunting blind for a daddy and his little buddy."


Mike Ciuca






After installing his box blind for bow hunting, this customer had the ideal set up for both he and his son (in the photo). He was very satisfied with the level of service provided when he needed help setting up his windows...


Barlow scientific, inc.

See this image gallery in order to get a feel for how consumers and businesses alike can fully utilize all of the amazing features and benefits our box blinds have to offer! 


Jake Grillo

This customer is very satisfied with the Hughes Products Box Blinds, enough so that he has decided to purchase the parts straight from the company in order to become a reseller, adding the blinds to his own assembly line. A reference to his success can be seen in this photo slideshow! Please contact us if you'd like to look into the possibility of becoming a reseller yourself!

Mike Barden

"It's (the box blind is) pretty amazing. I bought the blind for my 80 year old dad 5 years ago. He used it for cross bow hunting. He recently passed away. It's been a great blind. I anticipated trashing it but it popped right up when I lifted it from the inside. Broken window and a wooden cross-member was it. It's a great blind!"
See the images below to get an idea of how easy it was for this customer to fully recover his box blind after a wind storm...

A Clubhouse Blind put to good use!


ashley parsons

This is a great example of a dedicated customer using Hughes Products Box Blinds to build her own customized tower!