Just in! We are now featuring a line of Hughes Products Coolers that will definitely help keep those beers nice and chilled the night before the hunt! See below for information on these unique new products...


Various sizes

Hughes Products is now offering a wide variety of sizes for our new coolers!

- 80 Liters (top)          ITEM# COOL-80W

- 50 Liters (right)        ITEM# COOL-50T

- 30 Liters (left)           ITEM# COOL-30W


Additional Item Numbers:

- 30 Liters Tan         ITEM# COOL-30T

- 50 Liters White     ITEM# COOL-50W

- 80 Liters Tan        ITEM# COOL-80T 


see two more size & color options below in our sizing upgrade section...




Various colors

We also offer two basic color choices to suit your hunting or leisurely needs with these coolers! See below for more information, and scroll further down to read about our sizing upgrade options.

- White in 30 (top), 50, 80 (bottom) Liter sizes

ITEM# COOL-80W (bottom) & ITEM# COOL-30W (top)

- Tan in 30, 50 (middle), 80 Liter sizes    

 ITEM# COOL-50T (middle)


There's no question that these new coolers can offer a level of versatility you may not get anywhere else! Whether you're simply looking to take some drinks with you on hunting trips, or if you need to store your meat after the kill, we've taken everything into consideration! This is why we have designed these coolers with additional features and precise measurement displays (see image above).

Additional Features

These coolers all come with additional features that will ensure quality for whatever purpose you desire. For example, there is a rubber seal that runs along the inner diameter of each cooler top, ensuring that cool air stays inside. The coolers also come equipped with plastic latches to compress the top onto the base, which guarantees these units will not pry open unless the latches are loosened. Finally, each cooler has an extended handle on each side to ensure easier mobility from one location to another. 

sizing upgrade

Are the available sizes, including the 80 Liter option (pictured above), not quite enough to satisfy your outdoor cooling needs? In that case, no need for concern, because we have sizing upgrades available! See below for a description and item numbers for these options...

- 120 Liter White



- 120 Liter Tan




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